The paipo surfboard is excellent for the beginner to advanced surfer

For a beginner, a great way to learn how to catch and ride a wave and gain the basic skills on how to control speed, to stay with the wave.  

For the intermediate, it can be a wonderful way to improve on what you already know. 

The Advanced surfer will enjoy the speed the paipo can get out the pocket and how fast it is to maneuver.

And for all, It can be surfed in shallow water too,  right to the shore line where boards with a fin can't go.

For travel, Our boards are great for traveling, as they are small, light weight and strong.

Copse Works paipo boards are serious wave riding tools, yet so much fun, for all levels. 

We make a few different shapes:

Material - concept:
Dom knew he wanted a sea friendly, sustainable solution. But it had to be premium and high performance too. Because of this he makes each board by hand, in the Copse Works studio. He gives special attention to each feature to make you a one a of a kind board. The boards are constructed from multiple layers wood to create a blank that is then handshaped. The board is sealed with several coats of a natural finish.

The web store has boards available to order. once your order is placed the board will be made for you. It takes around 4 weeks to make your new board.

If you have any questions, please use the contact page.